Case Management Solutions

Work-related injuries pose challenges for employees, companies and insurance providers. The IMA Group serves as liaisons in these situations, deploying vetted case managers skilled in compassionate care to facilitate timely recovery and return to work.

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Field Case Management

Our field staff is employed nationally, coordinating provider visits to ensure proper treatment for swift medical care and quality services for timely return to work and maximum medical improvement.

Telephonic Case Management

We offer cost-effective early intervention and efficient care coordination through nurse-led telephonic methods. These case managers virtually evaluate cases, recommend treatments and oversee care, ensuring seamless communication and effective resolution.

Catastrophic Case Management

In the case of acute catastrophic injuries and long-term disabilities, IMA can rapidly deploy specialized case managers comfortable working within intricate care systems and offering behavioral health support in light of any psychosocial ramifications.

Task Case Management

If a situation requires minimal support, our task case managers can complete individual assignments or participate in singular provider meetings rather than initiating a complete case file.

Vocational Case Management

We strive to mitigate wage loss replacement risk by assisting individuals in building skills when they can’t promptly return to their original employers due to illness or injury. Through proactive and vocational oversight, our team bolsters job retention and aids in claims resolution.

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