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The IMA Group boasts a well-established nationwide network rooted in clinical foundations laid down three decades ago. Our comprehensive range of assessments is designed to accurately evaluate employees’ physical and mental aptitudes, ensuring their suitability for the job at hand.

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Fitness for Duty (FFD) Evaluations

FFD Evaluations ensure consistency, objectivity and defensibility, playing a crucial role in preventing potential crises at work. A board-certified specialist or general practitioner evaluates individuals through physical and psychological assessments to determine readiness to resume work safely.

Pre-Employment Evaluations

IMA assesses candidates’ physical and mental suitability for work. Physical evaluations include medical history, examinations and functional tests, while psychiatric assessments involve psychological tests and interviews. These evaluations adhere to legal guidelines and aim to ascertain the ability to safely fulfill job requirements, with or without accommodations, while avoiding discrimination.

FMLA Second Opinions

We offer an expert independent opinion when certified FMLA leave appears excessive or when an employee’s historical FMLA usage surpasses the present certification. This helps assess medical conditions, bolster employer decisions and diminish the occurrence and length of paid leaves.

Security Clearance Evaluations

We offer peace of mind that new hires can be trusted with sensitive information without posing a risk to an organization’s security, reputation or team well-being. This process involves thorough background checks, often including personal, professional, financial and criminal history assessments.

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