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The IMA Group provides medical, behavioral health and related evaluations for federal, state and local agencies. Recognizing the high demand for these services, IMA operates a growing network of in-person professional offices and provides a one-stop-shop model, including telehealth evaluations, to support greater access and outreach.

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IMA is a leading national provider of high-quality evaluation services across various domains, including medical, psychological, behavioral health, ophthalmology and audiology, as well as ancillary services such as X-rays and lab work. These are fundamental tools in diagnosing, understanding and enhancing well-being.


Substance Assessment & Monitoring

Our Credentialed Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselors (CASACs) assess individuals seeking or receiving assistance for substance abuse problems and oversee treatment adherence, relaying updates to the contracting agency. CASACs handle SUD assessments, alcohol and drug testing, level of care decisions, employability evaluations, OASAS provider referrals and treatment progress monitoring.

Case Review

IMA assesses various cases involving medical and psychological evaluations related to disability claims, Social Security Disability Consultative Examinations (CEs) and VA Compensation & Pension (C&P) Examinations. After a comprehensive analysis, we ensure individual cases meet the required standards, regulations and criteria.

Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluations

Our method involves thorough vocational tests analyzing skills, experience, work interests and physical and psychological capacities. The process encapsulates interviews, medical record reviews, vocational testing and research to determine employability and earning potential.

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