Liability, Auto & No-Fault Insurance Solutions

At The IMA Group, we prioritize accuracy, objectivity and professionalism to ensure that our evaluation services aid in determining liability, injury assessment and medical necessity, ultimately contributing to equitable outcomes in liability, auto and no-fault insurance.

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Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)

Efficient and precise claims resolution hinges on an expert independent opinion and case review services. Specializing in IMEs with a honed focus on liability, auto and no-fault insurance, our team manages a national network of credentialed, board-certified physicians. Upon IME referral receipt, we promptly arrange appointments, communicate instructions, prepare medical records and assure quality review of final reports.


Medical File Reviews

IMA delivers an in-depth review of the medical file to address medical history, assess causation and impairment, validate diagnoses, discuss the necessity of past and present treatment and consider degenerative conditions. We provide accurate, credible evaluations of medical cases by examining records, images, pharmacy data and mental health assessments to inform decisions for better care coordination.