RE-IMAgined Evaluations. Case Management. Clinical Research.

IMAgine 2024!

With 2023 in our rearview mirror, we look ahead to 2024 with high hopes, lofty goals, and a focus on growth and quality.  It is remarkable to think about how much IMA has grown since its inception.  It is particularly humbling to think back to our state coverage and service offerings when I joined IMA in 2011.

As we enter 2024, I am extremely proud of our team, our national footprint, and our growing service offerings throughout our Evaluation Services and Clinical Research Divisions.

We have several exciting initiatives that I wanted to highlight, including:

  1. Launching of our IMAgine One provider portal in Government Services. This portal helps our providers produce reports more efficiently than before and further enhances our tech-enabled model.
  2. Continuing to build IMAgine University which serves as our company-wide educational training platform, keeping the culture of quality in all we do.
  3. Expanding our patient recruitment efforts in our Clinical Research Division by recruiting from our clinics and community to improve our study start up, diversity and to exceed our enrollment targets.
  4. Partner with our clients and improve outcomes by investing in enhanced Behavioral Health Solutions.
  5. Focusing on our Sales and Marketing outreach in our Evaluation Solutions Division and launching our new enhanced, fresh-looking IMA Website.
  6. Implementing a new Referral Portal for Evaluation Services, to improve the client experience and create efficiencies so we can process our Evaluation referrals seamlessly.

As we start a new year, I am grateful to our wonderful IMA team who work tirelessly for our mission and allow each of us to do what we do best every day. To build a best-in-class tech-enabled outsourced health services company, we are constantly focused on automation, integration, and culture.

Let’s IMAgine tomorrow together.

Please follow TheIMAGroup and IMAClinicalResearch on LinkedIn and visit our new website to continue to track our journey.

Warm Regards,

Mark Weinberger, PhD, MPH

President & CEO